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If you were out of the loop and missed the big news yesterday, Telltale games is developing a video game based on Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead (as well as Bill Willingham’s Fables). Today, Kirkman talked to IGN about what we can expect from the new game and what’s coming up in Season Two of AMC’s television series. Kirkman and his legion of undead are everywhere these days.

“[It’s] definitely within the comic book world, just like the novel series, [and] it’s definitely episodic,” Kirkman said of Telltale’s game. Thus far Telltale’s video games, like Back to the Future, have been in this episodic format and have been available as downloads only. Basing the video game in the world of the comics is a smart move. For anyone who hasn’t read the comics they tend to focus more on everyday survival with less of the hyped drama of the television show. I love the television show and am waiting with bated breath for Season Two (October, I think?) but there was a sense of unnecessary characters and extra drama. And really, there’s plenty drama in The Walking Dead, we didn’t need the inclusion of say, an abusive jackass husband for example.

So what is in store for Season Two? Who might we be meeting? Michonne has been heavily rumored to be appearing in Season Two and from what we saw of her unpainted action figure at Toy Fair I think we can expect to meet this katana wielding, keeps zombies on leashes badass next season. Kirkman says he’d like to see Michonne, Tyrese and Hershel soon but adds,

Whether or not we’ll get to all of them in [Season Two] is up in the air. I’m looking forward to most every comic book character making it into the show, but I’m excited to see who we actually do get to.

The interwebz are abuzz with Walking Dead news but it all involves a lot of waiting. Season One of the television series will be releasing March 8th but until then you’ll have to sustain yourself with the comics. Which are the original and the best version of the tale out there so if you’re not devouring them already get on it!

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