Sexy Cosplay Of The Week: Mogu

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Valentines Day is over. While the candy may be gone and the flowers wilted it doesn’t mean you won’t be getting anymore treats. It’s time for another (a)rousing edition of ‘Sexy Cosplay of The Week’ where we take one lucky lady and make her our star for day without any of the scandal or rehab. When you go to a convention it is filled with booths, babes and suits; not the cool suits either. People working the booths are dicks, babes at the booths are paid to be there (they don’t love you) and the suits are there to ignore you. The only saving grave of a convention is a cosplay gal, the one that doesn’t care that her photo is being taken or asked about her costume. When all else fails and the convention seems like a total bust stop and look around, the costume can more then make up for the lack of entertainment.

This week we speak the name of: Mogu

This week we (figuratively) purchase a plane ticket and fly over to the boot shaped country known as Italy, home to this week’s sexy cosplayer. Mogu, Gabriella to her friends, this student of architecture has been cosplaying since 2006 after being asked to by her friends and she hasn’t stopped since. If Mogu isn’t rocking her custom cosplay costumes she’s enjoying music like Placebo, The strokes, fellow Italian Rock band Subsonica or playing videogames. Besides watching shows like House and Friends Mogu really loves her cartoons, such as Disney, Miyazaki and Tim Burton cartoons. This part-time waitress, full-time student knows Engilsh, Italian (obvious), french and a little bit of spanish so we know she’s good with her tongue (for rolling those R’s pervs). Not only that she’s also rocking a Tinkerbell tattoo on her person, makes that tribal tattoo you got seem pointless now.

After the urging from her friends, not to mention help from her mother, Mogu made her first cosplay debut and the rest was cosplay history. Since then she has crafted many a costume, with one currently in the works for 2011, Magic Emi. On her site Mogucosplay she even displays the design of herself wearing the costume in cartoon form. How cool is that? Not only will she wear her design she even makes cartoon twists of them. Mogu has also appeared in various locations across all planes of social media, from the web to magazines like Cosplay Magazine. It’s easy to say you own the suit it’s even better to whip out a magazine that has you in it, a real hit with the fellas.

If your ever getting a ticket to Italy and there just so happens to be a convention that weekend swing on through. You might not understand what’s being said but you may run into Mogu herself, costume and all. When your done picking your jaw up off the floor say hi or the closest thing you can with a mouth full of drool. Can’t make it to get a slice worth the trip? Your in luck, just check out all her work on her personal homepage or her personal blog (you may need a translator). Remember to play nice though, being rude is still the same no matter what language you speak.

We’ve crossed yet another finish line in the race to the weekend and our sexy cosplayer. As another week comes to a close and the weekend approaches people somewhere are hard at work sewing. By the time you get to your local comic or anime convention the cosplayer will already be there, except their still stuck in the bathroom trying to get their tights on. Have a fantastic weekend nerds and the ladies that love them, the hangover may say otherwise.

Wanna see more of Mogu? Check out the shots below:

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