Tales from Mordor, LOTR from the Losing Side


“History is written by the victor.” ~ (attributed by Winston Churchill)

I think I prefer on of Churchill’s other quotes:

“There are a terrible lot of lies going about the world, and the worst of it is that half them are true.”

Two sides to every coin, two sides to every story, who ever said that one sure hit the nail on the head. Russian paleontologist Kirill Yeskov started by tackling a geographical problems he saw in Tolkien’s mythical world of Middle Earth, and ended up writing the story from the viewpoint of the orcs, goblins, trolls and other inhabitants of Mordor. Published in Russia in 1999 entitled “The Last Ring-bearer” the story quickly made it’s way around Europe.

The book had never translated into English or yet published in the United States. Reportedly, some publishing houses have considered a commercial translation of this book, which had been published in several major European languages, but abandoned the idea out of fear of the Tolkien estate, which rigidly controls all derivative works, especially in English

Srulik, over at Live Journal enjoyed the book so much that he took the time to translate it into English for his friends and others to read. You can download a PDF file of the translation at the Live Journal link above.

Much like the series of “Wicked” books from Gregory Maguire, Yeskov takes the side of the loser in the great battle for Middle Earth. So how do you think Gandalf, the Elves, or The Returned King were viewed by those orcs, goblins, and humans fighting for Mordor? I bet Legolas was used by Goblin mothers to scare their children into eating all their mold toast. Gimli probably steals Goblin children and eats them. Hobbits . . . dirty little thieving creatures.

I started reading it last night and will do a review when I have it finished. Has anyone come across this before or read it? If so let me know what you thought in the comments.

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