Dimension Films just released a trailer for Gonzalo López-Gallego‘s (Say that five times fast!) sci-fi horror thriller Apollo 18. Produced by Night Watch/Wanted director Timur Bekmambetov, the catch phrase of the movie is “There’s a Reason We’ve Never Gone Back To The Moon.”

Keeping with the “Is it real footage or not” the film producers claim that: NASA insists that Apollo 18 never happened but some conspiracy theorists believe that the Department of Defense and NASA launched a covert mission to the moon in 1972. Bob Weinstein came aboard to finance the film after Bekmambetov showed him footage that was supposedly shot by the Apollo 18 crew.

OK, that’s a fun premise, watch the trailer and then join me below for some of Nerdbastard thoughts on the trailer.

Couple of this Nerdbastard’s thoughts after watching the trailer:

  • NASA sent the astronauts up there with a motion sensor to set on the Moon . . . let that sink in . . . that means NASA already knew there was something up there moving around.
  • Screen flash of video missing or damaged, but the time stamp says only one second has elapsed . . . ONE second? How many frames might that be? Not enough in my opinion to warrant that slide.
  • At 1.41 you see the squid like creature inside the space suit as it crawls across the inside of the faceplate. HOLD THAT IMAGE FOR LATER.
  • At 1.48 you see the wound of the astronaut that had the squid in his space suit. HOLD THAT IMAGE FOR LATER.

I liked the trailer and will most likely go to see the movie. I love space horror and the premise for this movie. The one complaint I have is how did the footage ended up on Earth for us to see? Did the astronauts transmit it? Did someone go up and get it after? Did one of the Apollo 18 astronauts make it back with the footage? I’m sure that will be answered in the film . . . I hope, that would really piss me off to go through it all and not know the answer to that question.

Now for the “HOLD THAT IMAGE UNTIL LATER” stuff. Robert Kirkman, for those of you living in caves, is the writer/creator of The Walking Dead and Invincible comic books. Both are fantastic books, I could spend all day pissing up Kirkman’s backside, but I think we should move on so I’ll just say to go out and get the Trade Paperbacks of both series. Here’s my case:

This is the cover of Invincible #38 published in Dec. 2006


  • First appearance: Invincible #18 publishe Oct 2004 – Lands on Mars, attacked by Sequids.
  • Powers: Rus has no actual powers but maybe enhanced to some degree by the Sequids he play host to.
  • Intro: Rus was an astronaut from the USA on Earth. He went on the first mission to Mars and never returned.

Look a little familiar? As I was watching the trailer for Apollo 18 something was poking a tooothpick at the back of my peanut sized Nerdbastard brain. Where have I seen squid like creatures take over an astronaut and return to infect Earth? Then it hit me, Kirkman’s Invincible. You can take a look at the pages below for a taste of Invincible and Kirkman’s take on evil, Earth invading, space squids.

Take a look and tell me what you think. Coincidence or simply “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”?

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