Dead Island Trailer Leads to a Big Movie Deal

(article by nerdbastards contributor Sarah Moran @SarahThisIs)

Earlier this week a trailer hit the web and became a sensation. Okay, it’s not too surprising, that happens all most everyday on the internet. But this trailer is going to make you stop and think of your loved ones, and it’s not for a documentary or a plea for a social cause, it’s a zombie video game called Dead Island. Now you may be thinking, “Really? Another zombie game? I’ve played enough Dead Rising, Left 4 Dead and I’ve killed enough Nazi zombies in Call of Duty.” To which I say, you can never kill enough Nazi zombies, but I digress.

This trailer is beautiful, haunting, chilling and apparently being developed into a motion picture. That was quick. Obviously we don’t know much yet. In fact, the trailer doesn’t show any gameplay footage and it hasn’t even been confirmed if the characters or scenario portrayed will appear in the game. Dead Island is set on an island resort overrun with undead, brain eaters. You’ll use only what is available at the resort to survive, no stockpile of guns, ammo or chainsaws lying around every corner. Bleeding Cool is reporting on the movie deal,

The film’s producer is to be Sean Daniel, who has made the option for his new company, The Sean Daniel Company. He’s a credited producer on The Wolfman and The Mummy, and now he’s one step closer to the monster movie equivalent of the EGOT by picking up these zombies.

And that’s about all we know. Until more news develops on this story sit back and watch the trailer for Dead Island if you haven’t already. And then, for the hell of it, watch it in reverse, ’cause why not?

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