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Who would have thought a science fiction television series that premiered nine years ago with only 14 episodes which was then canceled even before the final three episode aired would be making so much news this week? If you’re a Browncoat you’re not surprised at all. Firefly, the show so highly revered in all most every geek’s heart, so much so that through fan campaigns the show FOX did their best to squash was eventually given a major motion picture to wrap up the loose ends caused by cancellation.

It all starts will small victories. First, we learned this week the Science Channel will be airing Firefly episodes starting March 6th. Hooray! Then Nathan Fillion was interviewed for Entertainment Weekly and said something which will go down in nerd infamy. At least to the hordes of Browncoats who are taking these words to heart. When asked if he would ever play Captain Mal again given the opportunity Fillion responded,

If I got $300 million from the California Lottery, the first thing I would do is buy the rights to Firefly, make it on my own, and distribute it on the Internet.

And the webz exploded. Ka-Boom. It didn’t take long for news to spread and Fillion’s words were heralded as a battle cry to all Browncoats to get this mission in gear. The website was started and already posted a plan of action,

Phase 1) Generate momentum. We’re going to setup a way people can pledge funding towards the mission of putting the rights to Firefly back into the hands of people who care about it. Since Nathan said he’d be game to be those hands, we’re going to watch for …

Phase 2) Nathan chimes in towards us and approves the effort. At that point, it’s a real mission and we’ll switch into…

Phase 3) We’ll setup a way for the funding to be collected into a Non-Profit Organization. We’ll then want everyone to make good on their pledge and contribute.

Oh the lofty goals of a couple of nerds. Will we see anything come of us? It’s doubtful and we have yet to hear if Nathan Fillion has any comment about the campaign he unknowingly began. It was a group of fans who pushed for the film, Serenity, so you never know what could happen. Fillion isn’t the only one expressing interest in reviving Firefly either. The Daily What, Geek Edition, caught on to some twittering between Firefly‘s former executive producer, Jose Molina and writer Jane Espenson in response to Fillion reprising his role of Mal,

@JoseMolinaTV For what it’s worth, I’ve told him I’d drop what I was doing and follow.

@JaneEspenson @JoseMolinaTV I’m there, if needed.

No word at all from Joss Wheden though. And I’m not surprised, he does have his hands full with that little flick, The Avengers. But Whedon is no stranger to doing things with out studio or network backing, look to Dr Horrible’s Sing-a-long Blog for instance. It’s fun to dream of day when the Serenity crew would be on our television screens again will all new hi jinks and adventure. I think it’d be simply shiny, but what are you guys thinking?

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