Animated Star Trek Now Available For Free Viewing!

CBS has added all 22 episodes of the series online at; the Star Trek page at CBS; and (which is owned by CBS).

Star Trek The Animated Series, aired for two seasons in 1973 and 1974, featured most of the Star Trek: The Original Series characters, who were voiced by the original actors. The series is the first of the Star Trek franchise to win an Emmy. The animated series won a Daytime Emmy as best children’s entertainment show of 1975.

Grab a beer, your favorite snack, and get your cartoon on.

I would love to see a new animated series from the rebooted J.J. Abrams Star Trek franchise. Why not throw us Fan-boys a bone between major motion pictures? They could do some background stories, Star Fleet Academy days, lots to work with. With the success of Star Wars – Clone Wars series how can the powers that be behind Star Trek ignore this medium or the money just waiting to be made?

What do you think? Yeah or Nay on Star Trek Animated series? Do you want more?

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