Joe Stone has followed up his X-Men family tree with the Marvel Cornerstone family – The Fantastic Four, I mean Three, wait, it’s still Four. These graphics are pretty fun and really test your comic book knowledge. Can you name them all?

I wonder why the temporary FF team of Wolverine, Ghost Rider, Spiderman, and Grey Hulk weren’t thrown in there too.  For that matter where is Thundra and Uatu the Watcher?

What other family tree should Mr. Stone work on next? Superman? Batman? Legion of Superheroes? I would love to see an Avengers style family tree. That thing would be huge! If not a family tree a Villains tree would also be cool, think of all the Fantastic Four villains surrounding the team or the Avengers villains.

Nickpicking aside . . . Well Done Joe Stone, Nerdbastards salutes you as a “Real Nerd of Genius.” Next time your in Atlanta Ga. I’ll buy the first round.

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