Hollywood to Take on Live Action Starblazers!


A couple of months ago Nerdbastards let y’all know about the Japanese Live Action Space Battleship Yamato; StarBlazers as geeky anime nerds (That’s Me!) of the United States know it. There was a bitching trailer and the film opened December 2010.  Space Battleship Yamato debuted at number 1 on the Japanese box-office, ousting Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part 1). It was reported that the film made 11 million in the first five days, that’s half it’s reported budget.

Zac Bertschy of the Anime News Network rated the film a B, calling it “a thoroughly modernized adaptation, one that hits the gas pedal right out of the gate and doesn’t stop for a moment, unashamed to just try and entertain the hell out of you.”

So now David Ellison’s Skydance Productions has negotiated a rights deal to turn the 1970s American animated version Star Blazers into a big budget, live action movie. It’s expected that Christopher McQuarrie will write the script, with Ellison and Josh Kline producing. I wasn’t really impressed until I remembered that McQuarrie wrote one of my favorite movies, The Usual Suspects, as well as The Way of the Gun. Now many people will raise the “Whitewashing” question when this film gets cast with Caucasian actors. I’m OK with it in this version as it is an adaptation of an American adaptation. I guess twice removed is far enough away for me to just say, “I don’t really give a crap, just give me a fun movie.

My hope is that the film will be gritty and not that Flyboys type nonsense that Ellison was in before. Click through to see the video of my worst fears of an American Starblazers remake. I guess it could get worse . . . Jack Black could play the role of Captain Avatar, what a mess that would be. Farting on the bridge of the Space Battleship Argo during battle would just not be right.

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