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I am selling my story that I have been creating for 10+ years. It can be compared to stories like Star Wars, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Matrix, Indiana Jones and other titles in those categories. This story needs to be completed by a professional writer or Ghost Writer. I would like to meet in person so that I can pass my works on.

I will share my story with someone in person only and not over the internet. My story is too valuable to be spread publicly and will give a lot of new ideas for movies and book series that should belong to the buyer.
ebay requires a physical object to be purchased. This is a CD with my story, as well as printed material, as well as verbal information from me. This will be exchanged person to person.

This story will bring in endless fame and money to anyone who takes it. I do not have money to hire a Ghost Writer and I do not want to die with this story untold

There is a return policy for this auction:

We can go over the story together. You will like the story, but if by chance you do not like it, you can call off your investment opportunity and get any money back. I am confident that any one who hears my story will love to see it unfold and so will you.

This is a great opportunity for everyone involved

I love finding stuff like this on the Internet. Much like that guy who made videos asking for a million dollars, I expect this Ebay auction to end in the same deflated, hoaxy way that the “Give me a million dollars” ended.

What gets me about this is that the guy has spent TEN YEARS and doesn’t have a completed document. I’m betting his high school English teacher is still waiting for his term paper on “The Great Gatsby.” Even Micheal Scott of The Office managed to get his script Threat Level Midnight written and FILMED in ELEVEN YEARS.

Jamesfilms clearly says that a professional writer is need to finish the story . . . I’m betting Mrs Fenders Third Grade class at Bear River Elementary could work out a proper story ending and story board the whole thing in an afternoon of arts and craft class.

I guess (well, I’m fairly certain) my faith in Mr. Jamesfilms story telling abilities dropped (Like a lead balloon) when I noticed that his story would “tople” Star Wars. Is that some new kind of sexual act? Is that anything like a “Rusty Venture?”

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