E.T Phoned Home – And Hell Followed


Steven Spielberg never returned to the world of E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial to let us know what happened after E.T. made his way home. What kind of people did Elliott and Gertie grew up to be? Did E.T. get grounded by his alien parents? Did E.T.’s people ever come back?

Robert Blankenheim and Derek Johnson decided that if Spielberg was gonna drop the ball and just leave it lying there that they were gonna pick it up and run with it! ET-X: Extinction, is the sequel Spielberg never made. You’ll enjoy the footage of the now grown-up Drew Barrymore and Henry Thomas mashed together with other favorite alien invasion movies.

I never did buy all that, “E.T.’s a sweet, harmless, lovable guy.” I knew that somewhere in all that gushing, “who could harm a hair on  little E.T.’s head,” was a swarm of alien monsters just waiting to unleash havoc upon the Earth. I bet those Federal agents that had their guns magically turned into radios are still pissed they weren’t allowed to fill that little alien S.O.B. (Son of a Bio-hazard) full of good old fashioned American lead when they had the chance.

What did you think?

I for one welcome our long necked alien masters.

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