Some wacky Asian by the name Hye Yeon Nam has created a video game controller in which two people french kiss to control the in-game shenanigans. Wha? Nam explains:

One person has a magnet on his/her tongue and the other person wears the headset. While they kiss, the person who has the magnet on his/her tongue, controls the direction and speed of the bowling ball for 20 seconds. The goals of this game are to guide the ball so that it maintains an average position in the center of the alley and to increase the speed of the ball by moving the tongue faster while kissing.

Come on, a video-game with kissing controls? While cute and rather innovative, I find two problems with this. Clearly, Nam doesn’t know his/her (I can never figure out gender of Asian names) demographic. Gamers exploring the mouths of the opposite sex? It’s a myth! It never happens, or at least not on a marketable scale. 2. Say in the off chance a gamer does get lucky, this game is a relationship deterrent. One half of the make out duo is concentrated on the video game, rather than his partner. That makes for a magical night, for sure.

Eh, the kissing control does explore the peripheral frontier. Inventive? Yes. Gaming next great thing? Probably not.

Now, speaking of the future of gaming. Minds are always postulating what games and their engines can do. How we interact with them and how the interact with us. What’s on the horizon? Well, will most likely be welcoming our new computer overlords before having any new fun.

Memba how that IBM computer WATSON whipped human ass on Jeopardy? Our friends at Kotaku.com sure did, and they asked their friends at BUNGIE (makers of Halo) what Watson’s victory means to humanity, technology and , of course, gaming. Here’s some excerpts from the interview:

On relating Watson to SKYNET from ‘Terminator’

There’s been a lot of media coverage comparing Watson to “Skynet,” with the implication that he represents a step towards humanity’s enslavement by technology. But if you look at the capabilities that Watson actually has, that argument doesn’t hold much water. How exactly are we going to be enslaved by a computer through its ability to answer “Who was the 5th president of the Seychelles?”

Practical use in gaming:

Games (and user experiences in general) will start to be able to interact with us in our own language. But even after NLP (Natural language processing ) starts to make inroads into the interface, characters that use natural language will take a long time to show up in games.

Computers kicking are ass games from now until the end of time:

It’s widely recognized in Jeopardy that buzzer timing is a huge part of the game. The human contestants knew a lot of the same answers that Watson got, but they were unable to beat it on the buzzer. So the Jeopardy victory comes from combining some really impressive AI algorithms and some totally unfair timing advantages. It’s trivial to make a bot that can out-react and out-aim a human player.

I don’t care what they say. We are on the cusp of a computer uprising. Hide Your Kids! Hide Your Wife! Hide Your Husband!

sources: geekosystem and kotaku

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