F*ck Spider-Man, I Want a Predators Musical


That Spider-Man Musical in New York has been a whipping-post for negativity and snark remarks. Rightly so, it’s stupid and it sucks (scathing reviews, countless accidents, re-writes and creative changes galore prove it). It needs to DIE! Or, they should just let the boys from size fourteen entertainment take a crack at it. At-least they know what their doing.

On the heels of their Conan, Terminator 2, Total Recall and Commando masterpieces, the Kaplan boys are going out with their final Schwarzenegger Musical. With the toe-tapping, Predator-trapping ditty “If It Bleeds, We Can Kill It.”

I have been humming this all day. IF IT BLEEDS WE CAN KILL IT! This needs to happen. On Broadway. NOW.

There is so much good Arnie material left! It’s a shame this is going to the last vid in the Schwarzenegger cycle.

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