XBox Girls Strike Back!

XBox Girl

I am woman, hear me flame.

These are the girls of every little gamer boy’s nightmare. They’ll have him quivering in his overpriced skater shoes, which, ironically, have never touched the griptape of a board. Previously seen in their first video, XBox Girls Get Revenge from College Humor, the girls are back to teach a sad, pathetic boy the meaning of abuse. You should really watch their first vid before tuning in to the sequel, other-wise you might actually feel sorry for the twerp. Don’t worry, he had this coming.

These videos are most definitely NSFW as they contain many, many, many colorful metaphors. As a female gamer I identify with being tired of getting shit whenever we play online. I repeat the cry, “I am woman, hear me flame.” And then hopefully not get banned from my XBox account. I am woman, but I’m not be as brave as these badass chicas.

Watch XBox Girls Strike Back below and click the jump for XBox Girls Get Revenge.

source: CollegeHumor

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