Breaking! New Trailer for Ghostbusters 3


Okay, really? If you clicked on this in the hope we’d actually have a trailer for Ghostbusters 3 I pity you. Obviously you’re not really interested in Ghostbusters at all or you’d know that movie is held in pre-production hell at the whims of Bill Murray.

But I got something better, a fan-made trailer for a Ghostbuster‘s flick where they battle the boogeyman. The acting is pretty awful but I’d love to see your best Murray or Dan Akroyd impressions. I’m sure they’re pathetic no matter what you tell yourself when you’re practicing in front of the mirror. I do have to hand it to the dude playing Harold Ramis’ Egon, he’s got some serious balls to be sporting that pompadour.

So why are we sharing this? Well, apart from the acting and really sad writing, their effects and props are stellar. Costumes, PKE meters and the ECTO-1 are fantastic. If you’re an aspiring screenwriter/director and want to tackle the next Ghostbusters, who you gonna call? Umm…these kids. Sorry, that sounded a lot less lame in my head.

Watch below and take particular note of the creepy boogeyman shown for a split second at the end of the trailer. A villain worthy of your nightmares.

source: ToplessRobot, poster image via KillerFilm

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