Originally, Prometheus -the upcoming sci-fi thriller by Ridley Scott- was suppose to be an Alien prequel , but it turned into a whole other animal sort of speak. What this movie is and what the shit it’s about has been all the talk around the interwebs. It’s all in the mind of an aging, viagra popping Ridley Scott. He’ll probably die before we find out what the hell he has planned.

Now, there has been a lot of rumors floating around the web about  ‘Prometheus’, and while some of them have already been nullified,  others are still in question. Well, we can now add another round unofficial news to the scifi pot. Our buds at Bleeding Cool talked to sources that are supposedly close to the film. Assuming their contacts are legitmate here’s few tidbits that we might be able to expect. 

One of the biggest questions fans have been asking is how the previous ‘Alien’ films will tie into the movie, and his answer is pretty simple, it will have the aliens in it, the only problem is that you may not recognize them at first.

Most of you will remember when the aliens “mated” with a dog and the outcome resulted in an alien with canine qualities, the same so with when they grow inside of humans, and this is why you wont recognize them, they’re missing human or dog DNA.

He also learned that part of the films setting is a planet that has be created as the perfect environment to farm some sort of bioweapon.

He then asked his source whether or not the film would be called ‘Prometheus’ and his source replied with “Maybe not. Though they are calling it that for a reason.”

Wow, with these recent comments and the confirmed casting of Charlize Theron, Noomi Rapace,  and Micheal Fassbender the more interest I have in wanting to see it. The Alien franchise needs a fresh kick to the groin.  It needs new ideas and imagination. So it sounds  like they are coming in with a story to tell, not just to crank out another Aliens film.

source: Bleeding Cool

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