Nerd Art: Darth Vader vs. Aliens

Vader vs Aliens

It’s hump day and the news is slow. While we wait on the latest in nerd pop culture, let us marvel at this piece of nerd art by David Hillman and Mark Mckenna (he’s the inker, but nobody has the heart to tell him he’s a tracer).  Titled ‘Darth Vader vs. Aliens’ it offers a bit of a plausible “what if?” scenario. The imperial empire in ‘Star Wars’ conquered a huge part of the galaxy. It’s entirely possible that the dark lord of the Sith would encounter the acid bleeding, tail whipping, mouth snapping, Xenomorhp Aliens. What would be the outcome of this crossover? Duh! He’s Darth FUCKING Vader. Pure Alien Ownage. Force choke the Queen and for good measure kill her younglings.


source: geektyrant

Vader vs Aliens

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