Some days I’m really happy I’m a child of the internet age, raised on pop culture references and the instant gratification the world wide web offers. It’s for days like this when I stumble upon something truly magical. Youtuber pissdrunxlondon‘s video combines the classic ingredients for an internet gem, random fights and lightsabers. You may already be familiar with awesome mash-ups like the duel from The Princess Bride with lightsabers but there is something delightful about having one take place in the real world, with old dudes. The original video is two old French guys fighting with, I don’t know, sticks, canes, who cares. The original alone is effin’ hilarious and we have no clue why they’re fighting, I don’t speak French, but Comics Alliance’s Caleb Goellner has a good suggestion,

The original video posted by durostacos is equally unclear, so for the sake of lying, let’s just say their on opposing sides of Batman Inc.’s Muslim Batman from France controversy.

I’d totally believe that, a worthy reason for any street brawl. But when you add in lightsabers this video only becomes better. My favorite part? One old dude keeps spare lightsabers in in his tractor, priceless. Enjoy it below, you can thank me later for bringing this hilarious venture in creative editing to your attention.

source: ComicsAlliance

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