Last time I heard someone say “Amazeballs” was when I had sex with your mom (zing!).

OK, Star Trek 2… is it happening? Well, short answer is yes. Fans have been waiting quite a while for a sequel to J.J. Abrams reinvention of the Stark Trek franchise, but it’s been moving at a snails pace and news has been slim. Majority of which has been rumors and hearsay. The only thing we know for a fact is that the script is in the final stages. Writer Robert Orci recently tweeted that the first draft would be handed in about 6 weeks. Which, suggests a Summer start to production. Reconfirming script completion is Simon Pegg (Paul, Shaun of the Dead), who played Scotty in the 2009 reboot, who says -via his twitter– the script IS done and it’s…. AMAZEBALLS.

Simon Pegg calls Trek 2 s\cript \'AMAZEBALLS\' (That\'s good, right?)

Brief update, I know, but that’s something, huh? It’s the first positive Star Trek: 2 news we’ve heard. Of course, we don’t know what “word on the bridge” means (besides the obvious enterprise joke). Did Pegg actually get word from someone who read the script, or is he just getting excited about what he’s reading across the net?

source: cinemablend

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