The Dark Knight- How it Should Have Ended

The gang over at “How It Should Have Ended” finally came through with the most requested HISHE movie, The Dark Knight. I have always loved the “Seinfeld like” diner chats that Batman and Superman have. I can imagine those happening very easily. Just put Jerry in a Batman suit and Kramer in the Red and blue of Superman. I know that is counter to your first instinct but think about the feel of it and you’ll agree.

So sit down, or lay back depending on your Internet usage position mode at the moment and watch.

Good stuff. I love how they come up with things that I never thought about, like how could Two Face talk with that burned out half of his face and throat?

So now watch it again and listen to it as if Jerry Seinfeld and Cosmo Kramer were doing the lines. It makes it even funnier, at least to me.

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