You got Dead Island in my Shaun of the Dead!

Is there anyway to make the chilling Dead Island trailer slightly comical? Do you think it’s possible to put a heart-wrenching spin on the zom-rom-com, Shaun of the Dead? Leave it to Youtube and you shall recieve.

Dan Bull took the climatic zombie bar brawl from Shaun of the Dead, mixed in Dead Island‘s haunting piano, plus slowed everything waaaaay down, and voila! You’ve got a backwards tale about a group of friends stuck in a pub during zom-pocalypse, who they lose and who survives. It makes you consider Shaun differently, and turns the already sad scene of Shaun’s mother’s turning and eventual death into something truly tragic. I’m starting to sniffle a little just typing this. Nah, not really, heart of stone, that’s me. At least when it comes to zombies.

What is kind of funny is seeing the annoying David get put back together by a pack of zombies, like a teddy bear whose lost his stuffing. Watch the clever video below and maybe pull out your copy of Shaun of the Dead for a viewing. I know you own it. It’s only one of the best zombie movies of the last ten years.

source: Blastr

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