‘Zombie Pet Shop’ a 3D Adventure For Kids


Zombies have become a bit over-done in mainstream entertainment media, as of late. It seems that wherever you turn, there are zombies in movies, television shows and video games. A bit oversaturated. Regardless, the Zombie train ain’t stoppin’ anytime soon. And now it’s reaching a new frontier. Children. Wha?

Yeppers. Kids are being targeted with a new zombie film being made called Zombie Pet Shop, which will be a CGI animated 3D adventure.

The Animation Picture Company has acquired an original script from E.L. Katz’s. The story concerns a mysterious plague that sweeps through a mall pet shop, turning all of the animals into zombies. An ordinary pug named Joey must come to the rescue to find the antidote that will save his four-legged friends, as well as the humans that might take them home.

“concerns a mysterious plague” – is there any other kind of zombie pandemic?

*Sigh* Zombies have reached a point in the popular zeitgeist where they might as well be cute puppies.

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