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First, Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner talks up the GI Joe Sequel and now Transformers: Dark of the Moon, and all in the same week?!  That’s just too much.  This isn’t the 70’s where marketing a product like George Lucas’ Star Wars toys with the movie and cross promotion was some new-fangled idea.  It’s 2011, stop fucking pushing your products with movies.  Just market a good product or even better a good movie that wouldn’t have to be promoted with a product.  This can’t honestly be that hard. It just seems to me that products should be shoved down our throats the old fashioned way, in a commercial ( with lots of flashing lights and cool noises!) not in order to promote with the movie that it’s associated with.  It reminds me of ordering Happy Meals as a kid and getting Disney toys in them simply to push the product of their latest animated flick.  I digress, I guess I’m just getting at the point that Goldman is sending smoke up our asses for these two films solely to increase sales and not because he actually believes them to be good.  If you think I’m lying check out what he recently had to say about the third installment of the Tranformers series,

If everyone had understood why each Transformer was in the movie, people wouldn’t have cared how many there were. But once they’re just these robots without any real meaning of why they’re there, it just became robot melee, and that’s not as enjoyable as knowing something about each robot and their personality so that when they do fight, there are stakes to it. That’s really what was missing. It wasn’t that there were so many robots; there were so many robots that you didn’t know.”

Goldner also exclaimed his hopes that director Michael Bay will return for a fourth film,

“Perhaps he’ll change his mind, perhaps he won’t, but I’d rather put out this movie first then cross that bridge at some point,”

Which basically translates to, “I really wanna sell more more toys and that’ll be easier if there’s another movie where not just robots but everything gets blown the fuck up!”

And, this guy is like the Energizer bunny of kiss-ass comments, he just keeps going and going and going and…. well you get it.  Goldman further continues to praise Dark of the Moon by saying,

“Dark of the Moon has many meanings. It’s clearly what we know from the teaser trailer, but it’s also this idea that there’s darkness, a real cataclysm that could occur here based on knowing the truth of what’s happening.

And, if this wasn’t enough of an indication that Goldman is  a man out for the most bang for his buck (literally) then this should solidify it for you; Goldman has alluded to the idea that a fourth Transformers will happen even if Bay is not attached!

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