Fillion mentioned last week that he’d love to continue the Firefly saga—without Fox—and joked that he hoped he’d win $300 million in the lottery so he could get the rights to the show and run with them. Of course a fan campaign sprouted up  -The Facebook campaign is going strong with over 100,000 subscribers.- and fans have been pouring in the bank. As stated above via Nathan Fillion ‘s twitter he’s had to beg fans to stop.

Nathan’s call to stop sending HIM money isn’t a call to stop supporting more ‘Firefly’, rather a call to support the series as “Great Browncoats.” So keep your money, use it to better you and your family’s life. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy and promote other Firefly supporting merchandise.

The viewer ratings for the upcoming ‘Science Channel’ run of ‘Firefly’ will also make an impression on the rights holders FOX. As long as there is money to be made on the series it is unlikely that a sale of the rights to anyone would happen. What is very much in the realm of possibilities is a resurrection on the big screen or an animated series . . . we can still dream, and Browncoats dream big.

Another ‘Firefly’ project currently underway is Browncoats: Redemption, the movie has Joss’s personal approval and clearance from Fox as the unofficial sequel to Serenity, as well as the support of actors from the crew. For Fox, it’s a trial project. Fox will be watching closely to see what Browncoats: Redemption can pull off with only a year of sales. If Fox sees Browncoats: Redemption sell, then FOX might decide there is more money to be made with the Firefly franchise.

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