Pogo Strikes the Forge of Middle Earth


Pogo has been cranking out remixes for Disney and Pixar films for a long time and has recently made the jump to Middle Earth. Although I have enjoyed the Disney stuff, I’m having trouble enjoying this one because it just seemed a lot choppier than Pogo’s usual smooth sounds.

Then I jumped back to Pogo’s blog and saw that although the music track is done he still has some work to do on the Video. I am hoping that means cleaning up the jerky style of the beginning. Once you get past those first video sections of Gandolf ring murmurs the piece really picks up. The end of the video shows many of the same scenes as the beginning and there is no sign of the opening choppiness.

Here I am with little to no musical talent telling a guy that has millions of followers on YouTube how to do his thing. Man I need a beer, better yet a Crown and Coke. I am feeling like some Internet Old Man sitting in his chair with a quilt around my legs, wailing at the world around me.

“Back in my day we didn’t have all these remixers doing this remixing thing. If we wanted to hear a song differently then we adjusted the speed faster or slower at which the record played . . . and WE LIKED IT! Damn kids keep getting into my Internet, ruining everything.”

What did you think? Comment or I’ll start channeling that Old Man Internet again . . . You’ll be sorry then . . . I’ll just keep that Internet Frisbee you threw into my yard!

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