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Hollywood always makes movies in bulk. Meaning, at one point they were spitting out westerns left and right, then there was a time when musicals lit up the marquee lights, now? It’s superhero movies. Every cape is getting a flick; Superman, Wolverine even that obscure dude, Kick-Ass got a movie. (Except if your a female crime fighter, then you don’t get a movie. Sorry, just a little womanly rage escaping. And no, that Elecktra movie bullshit doesn’t count, I want good movies.) Now is the age of the superheroes and here’s what’s going down in movie adaptation land.

Mark Ruffalo sees himself become mean and green; Hugh Jackman has faith in Darren Aronofsky; Christopher Nolan speaks about The Dark Knight Rises, but as usual, only a little; and Gwyneth Paltrow might not be in Iron Man 3! ( I doubt it.).

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First, Mark Ruffalo recently talked with MTV about the script for Avengers as well as what it’s like to see himself as the Hulk,

It’s cool…it’s gonna be great. The script is a nice combination of funny and…was very in Joss Whedon’s wheelhouse. And I got to see the maquette of the Hulk yesterday…In full scope and it’s awesome! [It Looks] just like me. We’re going out of our way to [make him look like me]. First of all, I’m the first actor to actually do it in motion-capture as the Hulk. And so, all the feature’s are mine, they’re just really big.

Knowing Whedon has been allowed to put his flavor on the script makes me really happy. When a studio involves a writer/director who has a unique way of storytelling it’s good to see them allowed to use it and not make a carbon copy action film. And Whedon has a great blend of humor, action and character development to his writing which I think will work fantastically for the ensemble movie juggernaut.

It’s also great to hear they’re using motion capture for the Hulk. While I did like 2008’s The Incredible Hulk better than 2003’s Hulk, if only slightly, the lack of emotion and believability in the Hulk heavily detracted from both films. It’s important to see the Hulk as the same person as Banner and it sounds to me the might nail it with this film. Watch the interview with Ruffalo below,

Hugh Jackman was at the Academy Awards this weekend. You might have seen him being mocked in song by Anne Hathway; I really wish Jackman had joined her one stage, it would have been suh-weet. But anyway, while on the Red Carpet Jackman was asked about what he thought of Darren Aronofsky as director for The Wolverine,

I did a film with Darren in the past, and his vision with this movie, he’s just gonna knock it out of the park with this one.

That one film they both worked on before is The Fountain, a cerebral, sci-fi, passed lives, crazy-confusing story which I absolutely loved. It’s surreal but thoroughly engaging. I know I have faith in Aronofsky to pull of one hell of a Wolverine picture. And really, when we’ll be comparing it to Wolverine: Origins, how hard does he really have to work? It just needs more of this, the wicked awesome fan-made trailer we talked about a week ago.

Some one managed to get a few words out of tight-lipped The Dark Knight Rises director, Christopher Nolan. This comes from MTV again who tracked Nolan down at the Oscars. The little we learned from him can be summed up as this, when we see Anne Hathway as Catwoman and Tom Hardy as Bane we’ll understand why he cast them. Umm, okay. It’s kind of hard to call this news but when this is most you can ever weasel out of the man it’ll have to do. Nolan also confirmed this will be his last Batman picture and he has no plans to be involved with another.

I’m a little confused about what we’ll understand about Hathway and Hardy when we see them. Maybe he’s referring to the controversy Heath Ledger’s casting for the Joker  had that then turned into such a wonderful surprise of a performance. I don’t know, but with his projects we’ll just have to wait and see.

Finally, we’ve got a short clip of Gwyneth Paltrow speaking about new Iron Man 3 director, Shane Black. Again, let me stress short. She says,

I haven’t met [Shane Black] yet, no. [Black is a] great writer. I’ll really miss Jon Favreau, but I’m sure Shane will be great. I don’t even know if I’m in it, so we’ll see.

So, she really doesn’t have any info to offer up except she’s unsure if she’ll be in the next Iron Man. To which we all answer, yes you will. I don’t think anymore cast shake-ups will occur after all the drama with Terence Howard being ousted for Don Cheadle. Besides, Paltrow is delightful as Pepper in contrast to the boring yet sexy Scarlet Johansson who portrayed Black Widow. Watch the quick interview here,

So there’s you’re superhero movie news roundup. Have any other tidbits you want to share, leave a comment and let’s get this superhero movie discussion going.


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