RoboCop Himself, Actor Peter Weller Speaks to Detroit

A message to Detroit from RoboCop

So you know the story of Detroit’s Robocop statue, right? OK, short version is Mayor Dave Bing (“if that in fact is your real name”) solicited ideas on the Internet for ways to help revive the city’s image. Fans suggested a Robocop statue in honor of 1987 film in which a half man/half machine was created in response to how horrid the city of Detroit was (Ironic, huh?) Mayor basically told folks to fuck-off with that silly suggestion. Well, you never tell a fan to fuck-off. The Imagination Station offered a place for the statue, and a Kickstarter campaign was created to collect donations to cast a big metal Robocop. It took all of a week (literally) to raise the $60,000+ needed to build it. It’s currently in the early production stages. Fans come together to build some statue? Ya this should make the starving homeless people very happy.

Now, RoboCop himself, actor Peter Weller, has recorded a message to the people of Detroit regarding the proposed statue.

Ha! Who knew Peter Weller had a sense of humor?

via: Geeks of Doom

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