Those that have played Capcom‘s shoot-em up slug fest know as Devil May Cry know just what the game is all about. Less about a story and more about how many times you can hit the same button and turn it into a 47 hit combo, it barely had a story in the first place. With a reboot of the franchise soon to be running at full steam it looks as good a time as any to start hitting the ‘X’ button  and driving the series straight into the ground. The devil may actually cry when he finds out his name is being used in the future ‘Devil May Cry’ live action movie.

Can I change the difficulty to suck?

Thanks in part to the success (?) of the live action Resident Evil starring Milla Jovovich, video game films are back on the rise in Hollywood. Maybe Street fighter would have been a better movie now than in 1994 but I digress (Hail Bison). Anyway, in a bid to jump on and secure their grip on video game movies film studio Screen Gems has bought the rights to the demon slaying Capcom title. Yeah, it won’t star Milla but the trenchcoat wearing badass known as Dante but you can still dream, or rule 63 the hell out of it. All they need now is a writer, oh wait they already do.

Kyle Ward, who just so happened to pen another video game adaptation (Kane & Lynch) has been asked to create the world where a man with white hair kicks ass and doesn’t ride a segway. Seen as a potential franchise of films this could go either way as Devil May Cry was originally a sequel to the Resident Evil game, only to break free the undead and into the open arms of demonic creatures. You can’t blame Capcom though as it’s gone through a bit of a reboot itself, not to mention the ideas that can be pulled from the already solid line up of toys and comics based on the game. As for a story, what can the do to beef up the near non-existent strength that plot of the game had?

Maybe if they hire someone who knows how not to turn this into a ‘Double Dragon’ type of movie (it exists) they could stand a chance. If not, they can alway hire Milla again.

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