While Futurama has been resurrected on Comedy Central and became one of their biggest hits it seems not everyone is a fan. Recently a 22-year-old man was punched in the face when his Zoidberg impression was mistaken for insult. Which is absurd! There is nothing insulting about Zoidberg.

Geekologie reports,

The man told police he was “just playing around” Feb. 11 near King and Calhoun streets when he began imitating Zoidberg. The report says the 22-year-old described Zoidberg as “a lobster doctor that walks sideways with his claws out and makes noise.”

When “Zoidberg” passed another man on the street, the other man reportedly asked, “What did you say to me?” The 22-year-old’s friends pulled him away from the man, “telling him, ‘keep going, he said nothing to you,’ ” according to the report.

The man reportedly followed for about 20 feet and threw the punch. The alleged assailant, who is known by the 22-year-old, reportedly ran away, the report states.

Either the impression really needed some work or walking sideways with your hands in a claw shape and going, “Woop. Woop, woop, woop, woop,” is really offensive to some people.

In related news the official Futurama Facebook page has reached it’s 10 millionth “Like.” Hooray! In celebration of this milestone Comedy Central has blessed us with a gift, two new images from next season of the animated show. From the episode titled “Neutopia” the images features some frightening female versions of Zoidberg and Fry. The Zoidberg one is particularly disturbing. If I saw this thing walking down the street “wooping” and clacking it’s claws I’d probably punch it in the face too. See the images below the cut.

source: Geekologie, Geeks Of Doom



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