It seems as though reliving fond moments from growing up never really leave us.  Every generation has a particular event in their life that they try epically and sometimes pathetically to recreate or connect with again.  So I suppose it makes sense that there is a connection and an attempt to rehash what made our childhood and teen years so badass.  Hence why I presume there is a ton of backing behind all of the Robocop projects that are on the radar suddenly.

It all started with a statue…then came the Funny or Die videos feat. original cyborg facilitator of the law Peter Weller and now MGM has decided to FINALLY to brush the dust of it’s plans to make a Robocop remake and take it off the shelf.  However, what’s disappointing is that it will be done without Darren Aronofsky (The Fountain, Black Swan) who was originally attached to the project.  I mean, think about how awesome he made ballerina’s look, could you imagine what he could do with fucking robots?!

So in keeping with theme of having a director head the project who isn’t American (this just means it will be more gruesome) the studio has turned to Brazilian director Jose Padilha who has directed some of foreign-language crime dramas.  They must have been pretty damn good to impress MGM.

So what do you guys think?  Are you ready to see Paul Verhoeven’s classic brought back to life…just like Alex Murphy??

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