Back in the day there was a short list of things needed to make a fantasy movie or show work. Some burly fighting men, some buxom blond women in torn bearskin bikini’s, a large plastic dragon head that could be moved into and out of camera shot with a few stage hands, some really tall thin guy with a staff or the fat jovial sword master, and some small misshapen goat boy like jester. Throw those in, mix them up, and you had something that might put some butts into those Saturday morning matinee theater seats.

Special effects were the golden ticket then, the better, the more people would lavish praise on it. The story, characters, acting, and the rest just had to be above a very low bar to please. As those effects got better and better, the poor acting, characters, and stories, started getting noticed and had to improve.

Game of Thrones is on track to raise the bar on Premium Television Fantasy Entertainment. (That’s PTFE for short, yes I just made that up. When you say it out loud properly it sounds like a raspberry.) I don’t expect we’ll see any cheesy dragon heads on rollers in Game of Thrones.

This trailer, much like the ones before, is dripping with characterisation and some fine acting. The actors better bring their “A” game because the sets, costuming and writing so far have raised the bar, only a poor acting performance could bring Game of Thrones down. This is the deep dish Chicago style pizza of the fantasy world. If your gonna watch, it’s going to get messy.

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