Why would Josh Brolin and Tim Burton attempt 'Hunchback' again?

While production has barely begun on Tim Burton‘s next flick, Dark Shadows, we’re hearing news he and Josh Brolin are developing a Hunchback of Notre Dame film for Warner Bros. The 1831 novel by Victor Hugo follows Quasimodo, a hunchback living in the famous bell tower who falls in love with the gypsy, Esmerelda. The book has been adapted many times from silent movies to the 1997 Disney version.

Of course, Hunchback sounds like a perfect story to involve Burton. A tragic, action-romance with a disfigured anti-hero in the lead role? Yeah, I think sounds right up Burton’s alley. What I’m curious about is who will Brolin be playing. He’s mentioned as producing as well as starring in the picture. Will Brolin be playing the deformed hunchback? Not sure, it’s be interesting to see the make-up job needed to turn Brolin into such a mess but I think he has the acting chops for the role. But Burton could also go with an unknown, as he did with the recent Disney Alice in Wonderland. Yeah, that snooze-y flick. Here’s hoping Burton hasn’t lost his touch and can bring the magic missing from Alice to both Hunchback and Dark Shadows.

via: THR

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