Troopers: Forcefield – New From College Humor


“Some times force fields need to stop for a breath.”

College Humor has launched a new series “Troopers.”

Troopers tag line: In intergalactic war, there are heroes, villains, and then these guys.

Let’s hope they don’t just stick to Star Wars and use this series to lampoon Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek, Buck Rodgers, Logan’s Run, Firefly, hell, throw something from them all in there. Who knows, maybe all those franchises exist in some twisted form out there somewhere in “Troopers” galaxies.

What other burning Star Wars questions are still hanging that “Troopers” should tackle next? Troopers booting the Millennium Falcon? Maybe a Trooper Post Traumatic syndrome – “I actually hit a guy I was shooting at with my blaster!”

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