Hey Star Wars fans, it’s time for you to open up your wallets. Not to give George Lucas more money, but to help save a piece film history. A call-to-arms has be made to preserve “Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru’s home from the ravages of the Jundland Wastes.”

The Lars homestead was initially constructed in Tunisia for Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope in the 1970s. The set was left to decay after filming wrapped. In 2000, the iconic building was reconstructed on the exact same site for Star Wars Episode I: Attack of the Clones, and remains up to this day. However, the building has been suffering in the Tunisian climate. Corrective and preventative measures need to be taken in order to maintain the set for future generations of travelers.

A Campaign has been started by Mark Dermul, a tour guide who specializes in the Star Wars sites of Tunisia. His goal is to restore the Lars’ homestead. He and his team need your financial backing.

Here is some information from the Save the Lars Homestead site:

The plan is to go back, fully armed with the needed tools and plaster, with a small group of Pioneers (the four founders of the group) for a full week sometime in 2011 or 2012 – depending on how fast we can get the funds together to make this happen.

Every dollar raised for these types of project will be used. The site is accepting donations from $2 (which gives you the honorific “womp rat”) and above. A donation of $45 or more will include Dermul’s book location photos, Tatooine Reunion.

Watch the video below, and hit Facebook or Dermul’s website for more info.

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