Are you excited for X-Men: First Class? While I, like the rest of you, have no faith that FOX can produce a quality super hero movie. The studio fuckheads seem to make it a mission to squeeze a gooey shit all over our beloved comic book characters. However, First Class is helmed by Kick-Ass (pun intended) director Matthew Vaughn and is written by his Kick-Ass cohort Jane Goldman (I badly want to have sex with her). The duo can do no wrong. Well, they can, but lets assume they can’t. The recently released trailer certainly put a pause to most speculated negativity. The foreboding music score and quick cuts of mutants, mayhem and January Jones as Emma Frost personally tickled my nerd fancy. Regardless of the alternative telling of the formation of the X-men, the trailer made it seem the essence is well captured.

Anyway, to get the rest of you on the First Class bandwagon, Empire got their hands on this cool image (pictured above) of January Jones as Emma Frost and Kevin Bacon as Sebastian Shaw standing in the Hellfire Club’s “secret lair”. Hmm, I imagine Emma Frost must have said something along the lines of “Ice to see you”. Seriously, what are they in Superman’s fortress of solitude? Mr. Freeze wants his hideout back.  Jokes about the Hellfire pad aside, I think we’re all too enchanted my Emma Frost’s “Mom Pants”.

So aside from this snappy photo, Empire also had a few brief words from the actors themselves.

Kevin Bacon on Sebastian Shaw

“He’s not a mustache twirler. He’s a smooth talker and a manipulator. But he really believes that mutants are the master race and to get what he wants he will do whatever he has to do.

And what of his significantly different costume in this movie? The comics Shaw wears a faintly ridiculous 18th century get up..

“The movie’s grounded. We went through different sideburn lengths but to have him dressed as Benjamin Franklin would have been weird. I don’t have the legs for those tights anyway!”

January Jones plays Emma Frost, the infamously under dressed villain from the XMen comics. She tells Empire about being nervous when she heard about the character’s revealing outfits.

“Before I came here, I was frightened and curious. You can’t just paint on an outfit! I only do projects set in the ’60s with Men in the title! But I get to wear crazy outfits and fight and be telepathic. It’s a lovely change of pace.”

X-Men: First Class hits May 30th.

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