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As adults our greatest fear is wondering if our current or potential offspring will turn out to be nerds just like us. Can you imagine how horrible it would be if they grew up to be some athlete with conservative views? Terrible, I know. We’d love em’ all the same, but goddamn it, they just have to be nerds.

Your child’s future out-come is entirely dependent on your influence. That’s a give in, but you gotta get em’ while their young. However, there really isn’t that much nerd stuff that is directly targeted to baby and early child-hood development. While we assault their senses with everything we grew up along with today’s nerd media, we need things like what artist Julie Yu drew up. Julie  illustrated an entire children’s book based on Frank Herberts “Dune”, but done in the style of Tanner’s Goodnight Moon.

Says Yu, “While the original parody art was amazing I decided to stick closer to the original Goodnight Moon art style, using some stylistic elements from the David Lynch movie version of Dune.”

We all know what a terribly dangerous place Arrakis is, but how do we articulate that to fragile young minds? A children’s book would do all the work for us. Cute, comforting artwork accompanied by short, easy to understand script does a much better job than anything we can muster.

Books like this are how to best introduce your kids to the nerd world at hand. This trend needs to continue.

Check out the first few pages of Julie’ take on Tanner’s Goodnight Moon. After the jump. You can read it in full here.

source: io9

In the great no-room There was a floating baron And a view of two moons And a picture of - Shai-Hulud bursting out of the dune And there were three fedaykin recruits fighting in stillsuits And two imperial sardaukar And a pair of gom jabbar And a little keep And a young maudDib

And two imperial sardaukar And a pair of gom jabbar And a little keep And a young mauddib Goodnight no-room

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