Low budget movies with professional quality are all the rage these days. Everyone is hoping to catch that legendary Internet viral gravy train to Hollywood. I love the “Indie” movie screen these days. There is an excitement that you just don’t find in the usual Hollywood movie factory movie. The trouble is that 95% is crap. So when someone throws out that their movie only cost $1 dollar and looks like this one does, I call bullshit.

For me, donated equipment, time and professional skills are not free when stacking up the cost of a movie. What this movie’s Spanish production company Lasoga team did though is set those costs against the future gain. If the movie gets sold and makes money then everyone involved gets their predetermined cut. It’s an exciting new concept in movie production and I hope it works. This goes beyond the another new business model sweeping the industry. Make entertainment for free for people who are going to download it for free anyway. Not sure that’s a sustainable model myself, but maybe the financial tweak of Vampire in the Hole will prove us wrong.

Synopsis from Quiet Earth:

Vampirism is a newly discovered viral illness whose initial stages spread as quickly as the flu. May has just turned seventeen and has become infected. She is the only vampire in her family and her neighborhood and, as such, her life changes dramatically. In her daily surroundings she is now seen as a monster: kids throw stones at her and she is bullied at work. However, May tries to adapt by following the rules and norms set by the government on infected citizens who wish to fit back into society.

Opinion is divided about what should be done with the “infected”. Should one accept them, or reject them? And this division foreshadows a future war where racism and intolerance will inevitably hasten the definitive rift between humans and vampires

Pretty damn good looking to me. I am loving the story concept too.

What did you think? Did that want to make you see the movie? What about paying to see the movie?

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