Dylan Dog Dead of Night poster

I just don’t know where to begin with this trailer for the new film Dylan Dead of Night starring Brandon Routh ( Superman Returns).  If this movie is meant to be serious then it’s only redeeming quality will be Routh taking his shirt off (sorry guys had to go there).  Now if this is meant as just something stupid and fun then this is barely ok on my scale.  Brandon Routh just make good movies please?!  I mean you were great in Zach and Miri!

The film brought to us by Kevin Munroe who directed TMNT (2007) is a horror/ comedy.  The plot revolves around Roth’s character Dylan Dog who’s a PI and deals with all things undead.  What’s disappointing is that this whole thing is horrific.  Every part or joke that is meant to be funny just isn’t executed right and falls short.  The idea based on the comic is awesome and could have turned out well but this just looks more like a rental then a movie going experience.  Now you know what I think so what are your guys thoughts??  Dylan Dog hits theaters April 29th.

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