Emo Stormtoopers Sing a Sad, Sad Song


Winning the award for what might be the oddest use of Star Wars characters, the music video for the song “Love and Leave” from band Scattered Trees features Queen Amidala, Boba Fett and some seriously mopey Stormtroopers. The song is meh, as it is the usual pining for lost love crap all of these bands pump out but their choice of subjects for the video are hilarious. And they kind of detract from the song, but in a good way, as the music matters less and less when you watch a depressed Stormtrooper reading on the shitter and then morosely starring out the window.

Also, since we’re Star Wars nerds and we like to nitpick (generations have been fighting over whom shot first) why is Amidala captured by Stormtroopers? Why is Boba chillin’ with them? And who brought the lightsaber?! I could be over analyzing, I should just except this as a surreal retelling of Episode 1, if it took place in an apartment and Amidala was a secret force-wielder. A waaaaay cooler version of Episode 1. Or something like that, watch the video below and tell us what you think. Most creative use of Star Wars characters in a music video, or strangest retelling of Star Wars you watched on mute?

source: Topless Robot

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