Frank Darabont‘s Walking Dead TV series on AMC was no doubt a critical and public success. Much like the comic from which it’s based it’s a rich, smart, character driven story about what happens when a group of people are forced to survive in a world ruled by the dead. It’s filled with great moments of suspense, psychological terror and gut wrenching loss. However, much to the chagrin of fans, the show differed from the comic, quite a bit actually. New characters and new situations were added (Red necks, gang that takes care of elderly at nursing home, Finale at the Center of Disease Control.. etc). The goal being to give people a who have read the comic a reason to watch. Apparently, the creatives behind the show thought that if fans knew what was coming then they would have no interest in watching. Personally, that pissed me off. While I did enjoy these added bits, it wasn’t what I knew. I wanted to see everything transpire on screen that I read in hand. It’s like going to your favorite restaurant to order your favorite meal and the chef changes the recipe. It’s not what you wanted.

Anyway, will the group of post-apocalyptic survivors get back on track? Kirkman let some details slip about season two that have us very excited.

When asked by Entertainment Weekly if season two would follow the source material laid out in the comic a bit better, Kirkman responded:

“I don’t know if I can go into that, but I know [showrunner Frank Darabont] has said we’re going to see Hershel’s farm. We’re looking to take some picturesque rural landscapes and playing with that and coming up with some cool zombie visuals. We’ll see some of the locations of the first season, but we’re going to mainly focus on breaking new ground. Oh, and we’re going to feature a lava planet.”

Wait. Lava Planet? What the deuce? Argh!! What the hell does that have to do with the human condition laid out in a zombie apocalypse? Come on you bastards, stop throwing in dumb shit like this. Stick to material! FUCKERS!

I am pleased to hear that they will be making a stop at Hershel’s farm. It’s vital to the story that plays out in the comic. Permanent members are picked picked up here. My only worry is that they will spend an entire season on the farm. When in the comics it’s only a brief stop to their big destination… the prison.

If Michonne doesn’t show up, I may just have to slap a bitch.

While we wait for season 2, here is a collection of DVD featurettes from Walking Dead‘s season one Blu-Ray and DVD set. The first video explains a lot of the comic book set, character and scene inspiration with plenty of fantastic side-by-side shots from the show and the book. Season one will be available on March 8th.

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