Being a nerd usually means you are socially inept and have no sex life (speaking generally. I myself have a great sex life and can survive almost any social situation. Except maybe a Beiber concert). Because of this, us nerds have a lot of time on a hands. And honestly, there is only so much time in the day for comic books, video games and masturbation. How else do we stay occupied? Well, besides listening to Rush and Arcade Fire for hours on end, nerds get crafty. Of course, in the case of Patrick Acton, he takes nerd ingenuity to a whole other level. See Acton, a dude with way too much time on his hands and virtually no life (I assume), has crafted a model replica of the Hogwart’s School of Witchcraft and Wizardry from those Harry Potter books and movies the kids like so much. And, he’s done it with 602,000 Matchsticks.

If you thought you built something that was impressive when you were younger, you probably shouldn’t show it to Patrick Acton.
The matchstick pioneer and builder has created the most awesome replica of the Hogwarts School…It took Patrick three years and 15 gallons of wood glue to put it all together.

Obviously, Acton was trying to make some kind of ego driven attempt at internet fame. Did he succeed? Well, at least the super market must have been pleased. The dude would be more hardcore if he would have used toothpicks.

Eh, It’s always comforting to see there is still people with less life than your own.

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