In another case of “What I really want to do is direct” Brian K. Vaughn -creator of such comic classics like Y: The Last Man, Ex Machina and Runaways- wants to get off the pages and get behind a camera.

BKV is a lord who blesses us with good stories. However, all of his top comics are at same stage of development for big-screen translation. Each moving at a snails pace, basically early production limbo. His best known property, Y: The Last Man, has been talked about for years, but nothing has come of it. And Runaways got put on hold as it’s less of a priority to the big name comic-book adaptations in the pipeline ( HR says they want to release it post-Avengers). Vaughn himself, recently left ABC’s Lost to write screenplays and generated some buzz with a film called Roundtable, but he’s itchin’ to get out there. Which is why he just signed with a new agency: Verve. While agency turnover is boring, The Hollywood Reporters recent story on the subject had a little nugget about Vaughan working on a screenplay he plans to direct:

Brian K. Vaughan… has signed with Verve. He was previously at CAA… A believer in the creation of original material, Vaughan is cooking up several new projects across various media, including a new screenplay on which he plans to make his feature directorial debut.

So, in addition to being part of the hairless club for men comic scribes (Bendis, Morrison, and him), he wants to step back from a medium that he is quite effective in and explore the possiblities of being a first-time director on a new comic-book type movie? OK, I get Vaughan is one of the best, underrated writers currently working in movies and the fact that he has yet to see his name on the big screen is a tragedy, but direct? Eh, I guess if you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself. Good luck, fucker.

Vaughan’s skills as a director are as yet unknown, but his instincts and abilities as a storyteller are strong. We await more news on his projects keenly.

source: The Hollywood Reporter

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