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Think it’s impossible for Christopher Nolan to top The Dark Night?!  Well apparently not according to Gary Oldman who will be returning to his role as Commissioner Gordon.  In an interview with Collider Oldman briefly mentions that he has spoken with Nolan about Dark Night Rises story and he seemed very excited, in that subtle way that only Brits can convey where it doesn’t seem at all like they’re fucking stoked.

Under those shaggy eyebrows and think glasses Oldman’s eyes conveyed NOTHING.  It is clear between this and Tom Hardy’s ambiguous answers on the British show Alan Carr: Chatty Man that they are attempting to keep news about the film sealed pretty tight!

I do fear that by the time TDR comes out it will be the most overhyped thing ever and just disappoint everyone. This new film has big shoes to fill, not so much from TDK shoes, but expectations of fans who think of Nolan as a film messiah. Bah! “In Nolan We Trust”!

What do you guys speculate happening in DKR?

As a recap, so far we know that Hardy will play Bane, Anne Hathaway will be playing Catwoman and J0seph Gordon – Levitt will be joining the cast in an unknown role.  It is also predicted that Dark Knight Rises will hit theaters July 20, 2012. It will be exciting as news unfolds as the project gets closer!

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