‘Iron Man 3’: A Tom Clancy Type Thriller?

Iron Man Clancy

New Iron Man 3 director Shane Black (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang) had an awful lot to say this weekend at the Omaha Film Festival.  He revealed not only will he be directing the film but writing the screenplay as well.  Black also mentioned that he’ll be meeting with the star of the film Robert Downey Jr. this week to discuss the story and ask for input and help with the screenplay.  Lastly, Black also threw a jab at Iron Man 2 saying,

the studio was not pleased with the direction of Iron Man 2, and thatIron Man 3 would be doing something a little different. Instead of the iron-suited dustups of the first two films, Iron Man 3 will be more along the lines of a Tom Clancy-style thriller, with Iron Man fighting “real world villains.”

Wow, that’s quite a bit to digest there!  On the one hand I’m interested to see where Black and Downey Jr. take the film.  Being that the duo have worked together before on Kiss Kiss Bang Bang , they should have some great chemistry together once once.  However, what doesn’t seem like it’s gonna work is this whole “Clancy, thriller type” direction they’re taking the film in.  Unlike The Dark Knight I don’t picture Iron Man taking a serious tone.  It’s just not as dark as Batman.  It’s light and fun (like cotton candy!) and this last film just doesn’t seem to fit the mold.  I would maybe be more open minded if the franchise had started this way but two have already been done and done pretty well in a quite different style!

Hmm…I guess we’ll have to wait and see.  Another bummer about the film is that Black had said that there will most likely be no more appearances from other Marvel characters in this film (WTF?!).  So how do you guys feel about this news good, bad, meh??

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