So last week Axel Alonso, the Editor and Chief at Marvel comics tweeted:


So the gang over at The Independants manned up and cranked it out. Writer Ben Christian and artist Cory Smith captured the Sheen “Nuttiness” that is the Charlie Sheen protein bar of life:

In other news. Charlie Sheen was officially fired Monday from “Two and a Half Men” by Warner Bros, after “careful consideration” and was effective immediately, the studio said in a statement. No decision has been made on the shows future without its star, Warner spokesman Paul McGuire said.

Sheen, who has used TV, radio and social media (Web Cam) to create a big megaphone for himself, wasn’t quiet for long. In a text to The Associated Press, he responded with the F-word and, “They lose,” followed by the word “Trolls.” Asked if he planned to sue, Sheen texted back, “Big.” As for his next move, Sheen texted, “A big one.”

I’m not worried though, Charlie will be on Dancing with the stars in a couple of years. It will be his second big comeback, the guy is indestructible after all.

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