She Don’t Like Firefly . . . WTF Dude!?!?


Mikey Mason, comedian and song writer has drawn his relationship line in the sand. She doesn’t like Firefly? Hit the yellow bricks baby, don’t let the cargo bay door hit you on the way out, set phasers to dumped, recalibrate your Pipboy to single, consider this your Burn Notice. OK, all that’s fun but in all honesty, a girl like that could screw up the anti-matter mix in my warp core any time she wants to.

So check out this catchy tune of Mikey’s and then click through the jump to hear Mikey’s song about Saturday morning cartoons, you won’t be disappointed. If you aren’t yelling “Thundercats HOOOOO!” at the 4:10 mark then you aren’t a Nerdbastard, turn in your card.

Via – Topless Robot

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