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Joss Whedon once ran his ginger mouth on why DC Comic characters don’t or won’t make good movie adaptations. He said: “DC’s characters, like Wonder Woman and Superman and Green Lantern, are all very much removed from humanity. Batman is the only character so rooted in pain, that had that same gift that the Marvel characters had, which was that gift of humanity that we can relate to.”.  A statement most can agree with. It’s exactly why I’m nervous about the upcoming Superman reboot. I’m excited about the casting (Henry Cavill as Supes, Diane Lane as Martha Kent, Kevin Costner for “PA” Kent..etc) and I’m confident director Zach Snyder will execute a visual and action victory, but it’s the core character and central story that’s going to be the challenge. Will this just be another case of style over substance?

Well, there are a couple of interviews floating around the internet in which director Zack Snyder gives a few more comments about Superman. Christopher Nolan also shares his thoughts on the casting of Henry Cavill as the Man of Steel.

In a interview with Sci Fi Now, Snyder had this to say about Superman and how he’s approaching the character.

You’ve got to keep in mind that they look at Superman as passé because that is the way he’s been approached in the movies. It’s not like the movies have done anything to fight that, so all I can say is that Chris [Nolan] and David [Goyer] address that in their story. I think the challenge is to make him relevant – figure out how we can make them care about him. That is the challenge.

Superman’s the king daddy; he’s the shit. If you can make him work, in the end there’s nobody else in the superhero world. For me, Watchmen was the exact opposite of Superman in that now that I’ve deconstructed the superhero world — I tore the curtain down — maybe I’m the right guy to put it back up. It’s like participating in the Olympics. I know that’s a weird metaphor, but, you know, there is definitely a historical aspect that is beyond you. The character is bigger than you and you have to keep that in mind. And the character will continue when you’re done. I feel pretty good about that now.

It seems Snyder certainly has a grasp on the story and character. However, I still don’t know how they’re going to explore the feelings of isolation and the price that is paid when you become someones protector and savior, with connective significance.

In a separate interview Nolan (Producer and overseer) had this to say about the casting of Henry Cavill in the film.

Henry’s a terrific choice as Superman. Other than having the look, he gave an incredible performance in the test we did and I think he’s going to be something really extraordinary in the role.

So, that’s the latest word. With a collective dream team working on the project and the passion all around, I think we are going to get something really great. You think?

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