Being a fellow Canadian citizen it’s well known we are made fun of for a few things in the world. We are made fun of for our accents, or lumberjacks and our hockey teams (admit it, we kinda suck right now) but our superheros are the ones that really take it on the chin. Hell, our biggest hero outside of the great white north was Due South‘s Benton Fraser and his only power was lasting longer on TV then he should have. The only thing going good for us maple lover’s is Wolverine and that’s only because he’s a true Canadian ladies man, stiffer then the adamantium in his bones and never calls them back. With all this hate for the country of red and white who will save us now? How about the ‘Hero’s of The North’, the next big thing in Canada making those Alpha flight shirts cool again (yeah right).

Canadians Assemble!!!

Coming from the city of poutine (yummy) and adult situations (yummier) Montreal, Quebec’s own “Hero’s of The North” is an online series based on a (fictional) division of the Canadian military. While the real military isn’t as cool, we’re rocking 3 subs though, this secret division called the CDO (Canadian Defense Organization) would probably make up for what we suck at if they were real. This isn’t any normal series however as Hero’s of The North is told through various forms for it’s online masses. Told through 20 live action webisodes, 8 comic books, a diary, video games (in the works), characters tech sheets, characters facebook pages, and many universe related websites, this just shows that we can run with an idea and turn it into gold (or at least something cool). Sure, the acting is something to be desired but what do you expect, people to start quoting Shakespeare on the fly, it usually depends on who’s playing what. As for everything else, from the sets to the story it more then makes up for the faulty acting here and there.

Don’t believe this fellow Canuck right now, why don’t you check out this trailer. It might change your mind about cracking those igloo jokes for a while.

Be sure to check out the Hero’s of The North website for everything Hero

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