It all started with Nathon Fillion’s simple dream of winning the California Lottery, buying the rights to Firefly, and giving them back to Joss Whedon. This quickly blossomed into an online campaign to make it happen through fan support. Just as quickly Nathon asked fans to slow down, keep their money, and “just be good Browncoats.” The campaign continued in a slightly more subdued manner and then Maurissa Tancharoen, writer for Dollhouse, co-writer of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog and, Joss Whedon’s sister-in-law tweeted in her two cents.

Tancharoen wrote that “no one in the Whedonverse is in support” of the campaign, which she later clarified to make sure fans understood no one was AGAINST the fund-raising attempt, just that “no one is officially involved in any capacity” and “I wasn’t trying to bash dreams … but when money is involved … things get tricky.”

Now there is a lot of back and forth from the fans on whether the HNBF (Help Nathon Buy Firefly) campaign WAS asking for and or receiving money or not. I think that’s kinda moot at any rate. Sooner or later people were gonna send money, that’s what a pledge is. Now the HNBF site posted, “Well, that’s that then.” and it doesn’t look like it will be updating from there.

The HNBF Facebook page is still going strong with a lot of fan reactions, predictions, and ideas to move forward in the face of Maurissa’s announcement. There is also a ton of, “Joss didn’t say no yet” kinda talk. I imagine that if the movement manages to move forward in a significant way that only then will Joss make a statement. My guess is that Maurissa drew the short straw in the Whedon household and had to stick her head above the battlements to see what fan arrows might hit while waving that white flag.

I’m still a big fan of Firefly and would love to see more. I think there’s better chances of seeing more comic books, novels, or web series, or movies than a return to television though. As for Maurissa, give her a break guys, she’s just the messenger.

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