New TMNT Revealed!


The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are a sacred franchise to me. Along with The Simpsons, they pretty much defined my childhood.

The original animated series was amazing, and the movies had their moments. The latest CGI feature was ok. It wasn’t bad, but it was far from being great.

But, according to The Wall Street Journal, in 2012, the Turtles will be making their triumphant return to television with a brand-new animated show from Viacom and Nikelodeon (about time too, as they spent over $60 million to buy the franchise back in 2009).

According to the article, and the show’s executive producer Ciro Nieli, the turtles will each have more well defined “individual attributes” as well as different character styles, as shown in the picture above. Sadly, not much info is provided about the show, but hopefully more will pop out of the sewers soon.

All is still not roses and rainbows though.

Transformers director Michael Bay is still reportedly working on a new TMNT live action film, and to quote Star Wars, “I have a bad feeling about this.”

Here is a link to the original opening for the TMNT animated show that aired in the late 1980’s here. In my career as a TV watcher, no theme song has ever come close to its awesomeness.

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